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Stories from Other Times with Emma Carroll and Michelle Paver Down The Rabbit Hole

Hark, listenerfolk! Gather round the campfire, or the wireless, and listen carefully to Ye Olde Podcaste, which this week brings you exciting tales of stories set in other times. Sam and Hannah are joined on this 100% historically accurate quest by magnificent authors Emma Carroll and Michelle Paver, who have plenty to share with us about the thrills and fascinations of writing and reading historical fiction. Find out when we’d most like to be stranded in time, why fantasy and history are closer than you think, and, most chillingly of all, why 2019 counts as ‘historical’. This is the last episode in our current series of Down the Rabbit Hole, but don’t fret – we will be back with a new weekly season later in the year. Until then, you can let us know what you make of the show – or pitch us some new ideas for future episodes – on Twitter or Instagram @dtrhradio. Plus, don't forget to check out our website at dtrhradio.com. — This episode was produced by Sam Sedgman. Our music is Hustle by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com, licensed by Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0
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